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Most people would love to have the safety of the bank in their retirement planning, the problem? Banks usually pay little to no interest. Recently a national brand bank was paying an interest rate of .010% APY( Annual Percentage Yield) on a 12 month CD. That is hard to believe isn’t it? In fact, to keep up with the typical rate of inflation is usually 2.50%. In some years that rate is higher, in some years that rate is lower. This means that in order to keep your money at the value that it currently is you should be at least earning 2.50% a year on your money. In most cases that is simply impossible to achieve at a bank, so what other option to people typically look at? The Stock Market. The Stock Market can be a great asset in growing your money, but the underlying issue is that the stock market also can leave you 100% exposed to market risk! Is there an alternative that will offer you the safety of the bank but also afford you the ability to make between 4.00-7.00 of interest each year? Yes, there is. What is this type of account? These programs are referred to as Equity Indexed Annuities or Fixed Indexed Annuities. When you hear the work Annuity, sometimes there’s a bad association with the name annuity. You may have looked into these programs in the past but we’re told that they are risky or that they tie your money up for long periods of time. That is simply not the case. We offer all kinds of Fixed Indexed Annuities depending on what you are interested in. Some of our Annuities give you complete access to your original investment at any time. Yes, that means that if there were be something that comes up down the road you can get your money back with no penalty whatsoever. Other accounts allow you to pull out 10% of your money at any given time. So whether you would like to have the option to pull all of your money out at one time or just even just a small amount periodically we can find the right plan for you.

         Now please be aware that all Annuities are NOT created equal, we tell our clients to stay away from Variable Annuities. Why is that? They usually have HIGH management fees associated with them. Having your money invested in a Variable Annuity is just like being invested in the Stock Market, you can go up in value and your can go down in value.

         Now if you are looking at a Fixed Indexed Annuity, understand that you will have two levels of protection in whatever state you live in. The Insurance company that you chose will give you 100% protection from loss. Secondly each state has a financial provision that will insure up to $250,000 per person(that amount goes even higher in certain states). For instance, we have provided a link below to that explains not only how a Fixed Indexed Annuity works. This information is found under the section “Types of Annuities”. Here is a sample of the information available under that section. “These annuities pay interest by tracking the performance of the index and paying an interest rate based on the gains of the index. An indexed annuity pays interest based only on the upward movement of the market index-losses in the index are ignored. This means there is no market risk with an indexed annuity”. Additionally, under the section “Protection of Your Annuity Contract” There is the state provision of a dollar for dollar protection of your investment up to $250,000. Yes, this is very similar to FDIC Insurance. If you would like specific information about this similar protection in your home state please submit a request below and we will provide that information for you.

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