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Balance In Your Investment

Balance in your investment


You’ve always heard the expression “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket” Likewise, there should always be balance when it comes to your financial plan. Here is a simple way this can be done. Honestly ask your self the following questions:


  • What percentage of my money do I need to have protection for?
  • What percentage of my money would be okay with losing? (We know, the answer we have always heard from our clients is “None”, but honestly think about it)
  • What percentage of my money do I consider my play money ( the percentage of your money that you would be willing to take a risk on)


Now take those two numbers. For example let’s suppose your answer is that on 80% of your money, you WOULD like to have protection. Yet, on the other 20% percent of your money, you’re comfortable with assuming risk.


Let us work on that 80% of your money and put together a plan that will allow you to earn excellent interest when the market is doing well, but also protect your money when our economy experiences a market crash. Whatever your number is, 40%, 60% 90% we will take that number and put together a plan for your specific needs. For your free no obligation/personalized report please complete the request below.


Are you one of the many that would like protection on their money?


Almost everyone has insurance to cover their home in the event of a catastrophe. We also have car insurance in the unlikely event that you get into a car accident. Why do most people not have protection, insurance and coverage for their most important asset, their investment account? 97%* of people will lose money in the stock market.  There’s just a 2% chance of getting into an accident on an annual basis. There is a 5.7% chance that you will file a homeowners insurance claim each year. Yet, most people would never consider going any period of time without having car insurance coverage or homeowner’s coverage, but many people do not have protection from loss on their investment. Is there such a thing? Can I still earn money if I have protection from losses? Do I have access to my money when I need it? The answer is yes! If you would like more information on these programs click on the link below and fill out the online request to receive your own personalized report.



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*Article From CNBC.COM November 4th 2020 “ Attention Robinhood power users…..”







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