Retirement Solutions Of Marion County
Retirement Solutions Of Marion County  

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When Social Security payments first began back in 1937 the purpose was to provide retirement income for the rest of a persons life.  At the time life expectancy was 65 years of age.  Today life expectancy for women is 81 and age 77 for men. In most cases, either for a single individual or even for a married couple is that social security alone does not provide enough income to live on. One of the biggest fears of most people is the potential of outliving or running out of their own money. This is a very real possibility. Two of the biggest obstacles facing retiree’s is risk of losing too much money in the stock market and the cost of long term care. One interesting fact, social security payments come from a federal annuity program. Many people today have successfully used an annuity to provide additional income on top of their social security benefits. Most insurance companies can actually offer you a feature of a set monthly income that is guaranteed for the rest of your life as well as your spouse( the spousal election is optional). The programs are also backed up by a state guarantee fund available in all 50 states. Would you like more information on these guaranteed monthly payments for life? Please click on the link below to provide you with your free no obligation report on which programs provide this feature.


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