Retirement Solutions Of Marion County
Retirement Solutions Of Marion County  

What You Can Expect

What you can expect


If you open an account under our management, your investment will have the provisions of:


  • Complete Protection From Market Loss
  • Interest that is based on the upside growth of the market, but without the risk associated with market declines(Is this really possible? Link to 100% protection is this truly an option?)
  • The way your account earns interest is very simple, when the market is up you earn interest, when the market is down, the absolute worst case scenario is 0% interest.
  • You are guaranteed to keep what you have even during a stock market crash
  • Average annual returns are between 4.00%-6.00% every 12 months


    We are realistic when it comes to our expectations of your money. Here is the beautiful part, your floor is 0%. Every year that you earn positive interest, those interest credit’s are locked in and added to your account. The new account value is your new floor. Each year you lock in your interest. The only way your account will ever drop in value is when you actually pull money out or there is a annual fee deduction(Are you not a fan of fee’s?  All of our accounts offer either a fee option or a no fee option, you decide). Our goal for out clients each year is to earn at least a minimum of 2.50%. This will allow us to consistently keep up with the cost of inflation. What are the average annual returns of our program. The interest that is usually earned falls between 4.00%-6.00% each year, depending on the account that you choose.

    Each account has it’s pros and cons and we will discuss each of these with you. There have been some years I.E. 2001 and 2008 where our accounts returned a 0% return, but this was happening while other people that were exposed to the market were losing 40%-50% of their account’s value. During a good year, you will have the ability to earn over 10% of interest, many of our clients have achieved this in multiple years. In fact, from March 2021- July 2021 we achieved our highest annual rates of interest. Here are some examples of what just a few of our clients earned during that time period(these were the annual interest rates that were earned and locked in to their investment): 14.16%, 17.45%, 18.24% and the highest annual return that we’ve had in our 14 years of management, 20.55%! That’s correct one client earned 20.55% of interest in one of their accounts. Where else do you have that kind of earning ability in addition to having 100% protection from loss? Would you like more information on these particular programs? Click on the link below and fill out an online request for information on these programs.


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